In Review: Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 9 “Bound In Flesh”

The story kicks into overdrive before the finale, with a return, two deaths, and a shocking reveal.

Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 9 “Bound In Flesh” Broadcast on December 26, 2015

Written by Rob Wright

Directed by Tony Tilse

Previously on Ash vs Evil Dead, the Necronomicon wants Pablo’s protective charm, Ash learns the evil of the book can be stopped if buried under the cabin where it all began thirty years ago, Ruby has a knife that can kill the reanimated dead, Pablo tells Ruby that he wants to get closer to her, a trio of hikers comes upon Pablo and Kelly in the woods, Ash’s hand grows a body which kills Amanda, and Ash battles his evil doppelganger.

Pablo and Kelly enter the cabin, finding Amanda impaled on the deer’s antlers and a meat cleaver in her neck. A wind from outside outside slams the front door shut. Their attentions quickly turn to a back room where a fight can be heard. Both Ashes land in the living room, battling on the floor. Not knowing what’s going on, they shoot off a few rounds into the ceiling to stop the pair. Both stand and try to convince the young gun-toting heroes who the real Ash is. The back and forth finishes when one says to just shoot them both. “That way this ass-wipe is dead and I don’t have to deal with this horse**** anymore.” They aim their guns at the other and blow him away, creating the gory opening title sequence.

After last episode’s shocker of Amanda being killed, this penultimate installment keeps the thrills going with the addition of the three hikers coming back into the story: they’ve gotten lost and need a place to stay. Also returning, finally, is Ruby, who comes in Warrior Princess style. She’s ready to go after the newest deadite, and fans won’t have to think long about who that is. Lucy Lawless gets the biggest bump in characterization this episode, with her final words changing all that’s gone before. Fans of gore won’t have to look too far to be happy with this episode, which features several bodies being taken apart and one gross puppetry scene. Amid all this carnage, Ash has the prerequisite number of funny lines (though more induce smiles than laugh out loud moments) and Pablo and Kelly talk more about relationships. After Ruby, Pablo will generate the most amount of buzz from this episode, given the predicament he’s left in.

The good: Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Jill Marie Jones, the reveal of the saw and shotgun’s names, and the total misuse of a song by Grover Washington, Jr.

Fun lines: “Two Ashes?”, “Subtle racism–?”, “Notorious C.A.T.,” “No disrespect, Kelly, if you live in the past, you hurt the future,” “Happy campers comin’ at’cha,” “I thought you’d like that,” and “Okay, kids, break it up!”

The bad: Not too many laughs this episode as the story is bracing for the season finale.

The final line: The story kicks into overdrive before the finale, with a return, two deaths, and a shocking reveal. Big action already and no one has gone into the basement — yet. Overall grade: B+

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