In Review: Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 5 “The Host”

A big step up from the previous episode.

Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 5 “The Host” Broadcast on November 28, 2015

Written by Zoe Green

Directed by David Frazee

Previously, Ruby saves Amanda from a deadite, Ruby shows Amanda that she has Ash’s severed hand (from Evil Dead II), Ash, Pablo, and Kelly meet Pablo’s tio — a Brujo, Ash goes on a visionquest, Kelly gets possessed, and Ash (still tripping from the Brujo’s vision drugs) almost chokes Kelly to death but is knocked out.

The episode opens with Ash tied to a post and gagged, put there by Pablo and Brujo. Kelly tells the men that Ash’s eyes went all black and said his name was Eligos; this is the demon that was summoned in Episode 3. Pablo’s tio is going to perform an exorcism on Ash, who violently protests through his gag, while Kelly — now black eyed — smirks. The exorcism could involve Ash losing something more precious to him than a hand. As the men leave to prepare, Kelly goes up to our hero and says in a voice that’s not her own, “Your soul will be mine. I’m sorry, Ash.” Cue opening title sequence.

This was a much more enjoyable episode than the last, which was practically laugh-free. This series must be scary and funny and Zoe Green brought it back to that perfect mix. There were several fantastic lines in this episode, with the best being Ash’s new four word mantra that I won’t spoil. There is fantastic scene involving Kelly and Pablo that fans know is going to go horribly wrong and it’s absolutely hilarious and cringe worthy, because viewers are waiting for Eligos/Kelly to make its move. Dana DeLorenzo did an outstanding job vamping things up and Ray Santiago has got to be the most likable person on television right now. Granted, Pablo is not the smartest person in the world because he’s following Ash, but he’s wearing his heart on his sleeve and it’s practically heartbreaking. The exorcism performed on Kelly is pretty creepy, but comments from Brujo and Ash keep it fun. The make up on DeLorenzo is really well done and Eligos continues to be the creepiest thing in Evil Dead history.

The good: Zoe Green’s script, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, and, naturally, Bruce Campbell‘s delivery. Ash’s possessed hand has a very unique skill, and what Ash does with his new hand was expected and perfect. Ben Fransham is a scream to watch as Eligos. Pablo got a lot in this episode: 1, He got some sweet scenes with Kelly; 2, Viewers learned he shouldn’t ever work a lighter; and 3, He got something obviously important. Director David Frazee also gets big kudos for making the exorcisms exciting, considering he has one person tied to a post while three others stand and watch. The final sequence with Brujo’s talismen were very cool.

Fun lines: “…Not the bread knife…”, “Just keep breathing,” “It’s not loaded, but I am,” “Now stop wasting time,” “Sweet mother of Manson!”, and “Oh yeah, baby!”

The bad: Don’t blink or you’ll miss Amanda Fisher and Ruby, played by Jill Marie Jones and Lucy Lawless. They’re in the episode for less than five minutes. I’m dying to have this pair catch up with the leads! Hoping to see more of Hemky Madera and not just hear him.

The final line: A big step up from the previous epsiode, but doesn’t reach the heights of Episode 3. Overall grade: B+

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