In Review: Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 2 “Bait”

Tons of fun with tons of over the top gore. An acquired taste, but what a delicious feast!

Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 2 “Bait” Broadcast on November 7, 2015

Written by Dominic Dierkes

Directed by Michael J. Bassett

After opening narration from Ash, telling how he summoned the deadites back to earth with the Book of the Dead, the episode picks up right from last week: inside Ash’s trailer after Mr. Williams has killed a deadite in front of Pablo and Kelly. The latter is worried about her father since her mother who supposedly died six months ago has returned home to her father hours ago. Ash wants to take the book to Books From Beyond so he can get it translated and reverse what he’s done. Pablo suggests they stop at Kelly’s place before getting the book checked out, a “win win,” but Ash shoots that down; dealing with the book is more important than Kelly’s daddy. Ash goes outside to get his trailer ready to move and hears a footstep nearby which is quickly drowned out by Pablo’s motorcycle which tears off with Kelly riding it. Pablo runs out of the trailer yelling after her to stop, but she’s long gone. Unsympathetic, Ash says “…chicks are like that.” Sadly, Pablo reveals that Kelly took the book with her, thinking it would help her with her mom, so Ash tells Pablo to get in the car and they’re ripping down the road to get to the Maxwells’. Unfortunately, they’re not alone.

This was another great, gory episode with some spectacular lines. Bruce Campbell continues to make Ash the most narcissistic character ever in the history of television. In addition to his belief to being the best thing since sliced bread, he’s also a good fighter, but not a perfect one, as evidenced by what happens in the car and at the Maxwells’ home. Speaking of the Maxwells, Phil Peleton doesn’t get a first name as Kelly’s father, but he does get some fun reaction shots to the stupidity coming out of Ash. A surprise guest star is Mimi Rogers as Suzy Maxwell, the returned mom. She’s Susie Homemaker to a T, though Ash thinks she’s hiding something and that’s the premise for the most uncomfortable dinner conversation ever. Ray Santiago gets some great reaction shots in the episode and some fantastic scenes as Pablo tries to learn from El Jefe. Dana DeLorenzo plays the episode straight, as she should, since it’s the fate of her family at stake in this episode. She and Santiago get covered in an incredible amount of blood. Dominic Dierkes is to be congratulated for a fun script with plenty of gross scares, and Michael J. Bassett equally thanked for having some great shots, such as the trailer door blowing open at a key point, the windmill’s turning, the finger pointing clue, and the awesome “shotgun view” used in a few fantastically frantic scenes.

The good: The script, the direction, Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Mimi Rogers, the “shotgun view”, and the final shower of blood.

Fun lines: “It’d say it’s a gift from God, but that’s giving the man upstairs too much credit,” “I know it’s not a very PC thing to say these days, but chicks are like that,” “I think the mug is basically in mint condition,” “Is this what it’s like to be you?”, and “I’m pretty sure that’s not the only place she had one.”

The bad: Not much of Jill Marie Jones this week, who still has to play things really straight, and not a sight of Lucy Lawless. Boo!

Overall grade: Tons of fun with tons of over the top gore. An acquired taste, but what a delicious feast! Overall grade: A

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