In Review: Ash Vs Evil Dead – DUI

Ash goes on the hunt for his beloved Delta

Synopsis: Ash goes on the hunt for his beloved Delta, but becomes the hunted, Ruby and Kelly engage in a battle royale with the evil spawn while Pablo suffers from a new Necronomicon Condition.

Review: Picking up from where last week left off. Ash has just saw father get run over, but to add insult to injury. His stolen beloved Delta is now possessed by the Necronomican. As the car runs over Ash’s dead Father Pablo is taken by the car and pretty much tormented by the book.

Ash in his rush to get his car back and save Pablo ropes Chet into the chase by telling him that they are going to a strip club.

Elsewhere Ruby and Kelly are going after Ruby’s demonic spawn and wind up in a fight for their lives.

This episode was break neck pace with the laughs coming at an even faster rate.

Ted Raimi was brilliant fun as Ash’s stoner mate Chet and I really hope we get to see more of him in the remaining episodes.

In regards to Pablo. Am really glad that they have dealt a little with his connection to the book and although things seemed to have been resolved by the close of the story insofar as Pablo is concerned. I know for a fact that Ruby is going to have issues.

This wasn’t the funniest episode we have had this season for obvious reasons. I was saddened to see Lee Majors get killed off so soon into the series. I was hoping he’d be around for at least a few more episodes given that he was as funny as Ash.

I’ve no doubt the writers can find a way to bring Lee back at a later date if they want. Heck they could probably even rebuilt him.

Overall though this was a lot of fun.

Ash Vs Evil Dead - DUI
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