In Review: Ash Vs Evil Dead – Ashy Slashy

Ruby, Kelly and Pablo go to look for Ash and Baal in an abandoned asylum

Synopsis: Ruby, Kelly and Pablo go to look for Ash and Baal in an abandoned asylum and encounter some crazy characters.

Review: Concluding the battle with Baal. Ashy Slashy accomplishes a lot, but at the cost of one of the central characters, which is rather sad, but the way it is done is fantastic and true of that characters loyalty and friendship to Ash.

The episode manages to be funny, slapstick, gory and creepy without missing a beat.

The stuff that happens to Pablo, Kelly and Ruby as they search for Ash is a lot of fun, but the most fun is Kelly’s fight with the Ashy Slashy puppet, which of course yields the predictable, but oh so fun hand puppet gag.

Michelle Hurd steps up to the plate as Linda who by the close of the story has lost absolutely everything because of Baal’s plan and has nothing to lose by stepping up and opening a can of whoop ass. Over the last few weeks Hurd’s character of Linda has presented us with an interesting prospect in that she was the girl that Ash missed out on. I have to wonder if she is to be a new series regular given that she has nothing left in the town to tie her down.

Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo are the two stand outs in this episode. DeLorenzo for her commitment to fighting a puppet, which would have had most actors in stitches and Santiago for a brilliant and consistent performance in what might be his last day on the job given he is now half the man he was. Lucy Lawless was totally giving and unselfish in her excellent support of Santiago and the younger cast, which only shows you what an excellent performer she is. 

Very little Bruce Campbell in this one, but when he does appear he turns from psycho killer Ashy Slashy to Ash like a light switch going on.

But final kudos should go to Joel Tobeck who held this story arc together with his brilliant performance as Baal.

Ash Vs Evil Dead - Ashy Slashy
  • The Good: Kelly's fight with the puppet Ashy Slashy
  • The Bad: The loss of Pablo:(
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Blood & Gore
  • Incidental Music

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