In Review: Arrow – Who Are You?

Worried that Prometheus may be right about him being a killer, Oliver finds a ray of hope in the apparent return of Laurel.

Synopsis: Worried that Prometheus may be right about him being a killer, Oliver finds a ray of hope in the apparent return of Laurel. Felicity swears revenge against Prometheus for causing Malone’s death.

Review: Arrow gets off to a strong start at the mid-season point with the reintroduction of Laurel Lance, who in this instance is born to be bad. Katie Cassidy gets her evil ninja on as she embodies Black Siren the Earth 2 version of Black Canary, who is frankly more interesting. 

The flashbacks to Ollie’s time in Russia do very little to move the story along, but do make for a good way to introduce Talia al Ghul who is played by Lexa Doig.

Meanwhile Curtis who has lost his husband is suffering a crisis of confidence and considering hanging up his Mr Terrific Mask. He gets support from the most unlikely of sources when Rene aka Mad Dog gives him a pep talk.

Felicity obviously has concerns about the return of Laurel Lance and is on it like a pocket rocket from the get go. She goes as far as running a DNA test and treads pretty carefully when it comes to Ollie’s feelings for Laurel. Ollie of course wants to try and help this Earth 2 version of Laurel change, but its not likely to happen.

Amid the drama we get a pretty good fight sequence as Arrow takes on Prometheus again, but this time its the real one. I hope we get to learn a little more about Prometheus in future episodes. He’s had a very slow build up. So be good to see just how bad he can make stuff escalate.

Elsewhere Diggle is back in prison and is about to be transferred back to the military prison where he is facing charges brought against him by General Walker. We’ll have to wait and see if Ollie’s hotshot Lawyer friend can save the day on this one.

Arrow - Who Are You?
  • The Good: Laurel Lance is much more fun as a villain
  • The Bad: The Flashback sequences did to little to advance the story
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