In Review: Arrow – Vigilante

When the bodies of two criminals are dropped at SCPD

Synopsis: When the bodies of two criminals are dropped at SCPD, Oliver realizes there is a new Vigilante in Star City. The team is split about whether they should stop someone who is helping keep the city safe. Diggle is frustrated with his new situation and Thea fights for Lance who confesses a shocking secret.

Review: After last weeks shocking reveal with regards to Deputy Mayor Lance. We now get an explanation, which is explained when he reveals to Thea that he has been having black outs and waking up with blood on his hands. He shows her the throwing star and says he has had a friend at the SCPD look atĀ it.

While all of that is playing out Oliver and team Arrow are figuring out what to do with regards to a new Vigilante who is stepping over the line by murdering his victims. Although certain memember’s of the team appreciate the help Oliver does not like the harsh methods, which mirror what his methods were when he started.

We have a few confrontations between team Arrow and the new Vigilante and none of them end well. Curtis gets roughed up a bit during one of the stand offs. Now is it just me or is Curtis the go to guy for the bad guys to beat into a pulp. The poor guys took quite a few beatings for the team this season and it seems that he could potentially take a few more before the series is out. Guess its his terrific personality.

It becomes apparent eventually that team Arrow is not on the same page as this new Vigilante and when it seems they have caught him. He gets away.

The episode also deals with some of the fall out in regards to Diggles situation. Essentially he is getting stir crazy by not been able to leave the Arrow’s Headquarters because he is a wanted man. This issue for Diggle creates a nice opportunity for the friendship between him and Rene to get some air time. And Rene goes out of his way to help Diggle by bringing his family to him.

In terms of the Bravta stuff. All we get this week really is a pissing contest between Oliver andĀ Konstantin Kovar. Still not really much clue as to how this fits in with the Prometheus storyline, but we do learn that Artemis may not be playing things as straight as it would appear, which is no surprise given the few times that she has already called Oliver out on his methods.

As far as story goes. This was filler, but it had some good action and some nice character growth for Rene. It also featured a nice lets beat up Curtis scene.

Arrow - Vigilante
  • The Good: Some nice character beats
  • The Bad: Story was mainly just filler
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