In Review: Arrow – Unmasked

Felicity stands by her recent decisions regarding her family.

Synopsis: Felicity stands by her recent decisions regarding her family. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla continue to look into the Dante painting that Curtis found.

Review: Oliver and Felicity adjust to life now that he is out of Prison and the team reforms only in a more above-board sort of way.

The Story

Oliver is adjusting to life outside of prison and finds himself faced with a bombardment of questions from the press. Thankfully Felicity fields much of this for him, but when the new Arrow attacks some philanthropists Oliver is asked to assist with the SCPD investigation, but his assistance leads back to him donning the suit. But minus the mask.

At ARGUS Diggle and Layla find a lead that connects the Long Bow Men with the painting that Curtis found and they seek help from a very troublesome prisoner.

In the future. William, Dinah, and Ruby follow up a lead that brings them into contact with the last person that Felicity spoke too.

The episodes final moments reveal that Oliver has a stepsister from one of his late father’s past relationships but beyond that. Who is she and what does she want? Might she be the Arrow that has been running around Star City while Oliver has been in the slammer?

The Acting

Stephen Amell puts in a pretty solid turn this week and we even have a bit of the good old-fashioned arguing with him not being too happy with Felicity owning a gun or associating with Laurel and Anatoly.  But it is the scenes between Oliver and this weeks villain Max Fuller, which really stands out.

I also enjoyed the scenes set in the future this week and quite enjoyed the little talk that Juliana Harkavy got to deliver as the future version of Dinah Drake when she tells William about the tattoo that the original vigilantes got to remind them about the four points of a hero.


A pretty good episode, which puts some interesting new developments into play, but given that Diggle is going to have to keep a pretty big secret from Oliver with the identity of the prisoner that is helping ARGUS. I can’t help but get a sense of deja vu.

Hopefully, we’ll not see history repeating or if it does. Let us hope it is dealt with and not as dragged out as it has been in previous years.


Arrow - Unmasked
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