In Review: Arrow – Underneath

Oliver and Felicity get trapped in the bunker together, while Diggle and Lyla deal with marital issues.

Synopsis: Oliver and Felicity get trapped in the bunker together, while Diggle and Lyla deal with marital issues.

Review: This episode got to address some of the remaining issues of trust between Felicity and Oliver and did so by putting them both in a crisis situation.

Much of the action took place in team Arrow’s lair, which has been rigged with a few traps by Adrian Chase aka Prometheus.

We get some flashback scenes to things that happened during Ollie and Felicity’s relationship, which plays into their conversation in the present day. And though they our now just friends. It becomes apparent that Felicity is the only person that Ollie will confide in when push comes to shove.

The conversation that they have is one that they needed to have. Ollie needed to hear that he is not this bad person that Prometheus tried to make him out to be.

The fun thing is that it pretty much takes a life or death situation for Ollie to open up properly.

The tension of Felicity’s back implant giving out, which stopped her from being able to walk. And Ollie trying to do various things to get them to safety was the ideal setting to get Ollie to confront his issues without it coming off as to much of a soap opera.

The same can’t be said for  Diggle and Lyla’s marital issues though, which were getting a bit old in last weeks episode.

We have some nice contributions from Curtis and Rene who provide some comic relief. But sadly Dinah Drake is very much under utilised in the episode.

The close of the story sees Adrian Chase looking to pick up Oliver’s son. Which is likely to create further drama for the last few weeks of the series.

Overall the various life and death situations that Ollie and Felicity find themselves in are what really drives this story forward. The various attempts of team arrow to rescue Ollie and Felicity were hindered a little to much by Diggle and Lyla arguing, which got pretty boring.

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