In Review: Arrow – Thanksgiving

Cayden James returns...

Synopsis: Oliver celebrates Thanksgiving with his family but the happy moment is interrupted. Meanwhile, Black Siren returns to wreak havoc on the holiday.

Review: This week the team attempt to celebrate Thanksgiving, but when Oliver gets arrested by FBI agent Watson things get complicated. Adding further rotten luck to the stuffing is the fact that Diggle’s problem has been further complicated due to withdrawal from the experimental steroid in his system, which effectively weakens team Arrow when they attempt to stop Cayden James and Black Siren from stealing highly combustible materials.

Like in previous weeks. Katie Cassidy continues to be far more interesting and fun to watch as the villain than she was when she was the hero, but the addition of Michael Emerson as the villainous Cayden James has made things even more interesting. Especially given that he is out for revenge against team Arrow for the death of his son. 

We get some conflict between Felicity and Curtis over the fact that Felicity named their company without consulting him. While Felicity is pissed at Curtis for creating an experimental chip to help Diggle without letting her in on it. We have some additional conflict between Diggle and Oliver over the fact that Diggle withheld the fact that he’s been compromised from Ollie.

The high point of this episode is the brief confrontation between Arrow and Cayden James. The whole thing is staged at a Billy Joel concert and the entire incident works against Mayor Queens hopes that the Anti Vigilante Bill will go away.

Obviously, Ollie is free to roam Star City due to him being out on bail, but he is having to tread very lightly given that Watson claims that she can prove unequivocally to a court of law that Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

The episode ends on a high note as Ollie’s sister Thea awakes from her coma and the team put aside their differences and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

Overall. This was a pretty solid episode with great acting performances from Stephen AmellDavid Ramsey and Michael Emmerson.

Obviously, things will be put on hold for next week as Arrow combines with Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow for the big two-part crossover event.  But it will be interesting to see where the Cayden James plot will go and whether or not there is a bigger a villain waiting in the wings.

Arrow - Thanksgiving
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