In Review: Arrow – Star City 2040

Mia and William go on a dangerous mission; Dinah, Roy and Zoe deliver some devastating news; flash forwards share highlights from Mia's childhood with Felicity.

Synopsis: Mia and William go on a dangerous mission; Dinah, Roy, and Zoe deliver some devastating news; flash forwards share highlights from Mia’s childhood with Felicity.

Review: This week we see much more of the future and learn the connection between Felicity and Galaxy.

The Story

This weeks episode is set entirely in 2040 and sees Mia and William head into the Glades in order to rescue their mother and defuse the Bombs, which the corporation known as Galaxy has set in order to level Star City in order to rebuild.

Also in the Glades and on a similar mission are Dinah, Roy, and Zoe who winds up showing her Father. The incumbent Mayor of the Glades that he is being used.

The Acting

Katherine McNamara puts in a badass performance as Felicity and Oliver Queens daughter, who has a pretty dim view of vigilantes but grows to appreciate the advantages of working in the grey areas that normal law enforcement can’t. Most of Mia’s scenes are with William and the sister-brother relationship is very believable.

McNamara’s scene with Emily Bett Rickards toward the end of the episode is very touching as mother and daughter have their moment.


This was a pretty cool episode, which tied really well into Felicity’s overall character arc for this season and how her past mistakes impact the future.

I really enjoyed the opening training montage where we see Mia get some hard lessons in self-defense and the martial arts from Nyssa al Ghul, which allows for a brief cameo from Katrina Law who reprises the role.

It was also quite enjoyable seeing Rene be the Mayor as opposed to Mad Dawg. The scene where Zoe lays it all out for her father provides one of the episodes best moments.

Overall. A really strong outing, which pays off a few of the plot points that have been bubbling over for the past few weeks.

What I and many others would like to know is how does Dante tie into all of this. Or does he?

Arrow - Star City 2040
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