In Review: Arrow – Spectre of the gun

After a ruthless attack on city hall. Rene begins to have flashback to the events that led to him becoming wild dog.

Synopsis: After a ruthless attack on city hall. Rene begins to have flashback to the events that led to him becoming wild dog.

Review: This weeks ‘Arrow’ does what comic books and science fiction often do best. It takes a hot social and political issues and uses its narrative to discuss it.

In this case. The issue is gun control. Which has been an issue on the USA for quite awhile now. And its an issue that has passionate views on both sides of the fence.

In the episode Rene’s views and those of Curtis are at odds. But the two manage to hold a really solid adult discussion about it. In fact the discussion probably goes some way to the solution that Rene helps draft with Mayor Queen in order to sell a compromise to one of his biggest political opponents, who is against gun controls.

Although the episode is totally focused on discussing the issues. It does not skimp on the action, but it does become obvious that Oliver is only going to be able to solve this one as the Mayor and not as Green Arrow.

The flashbacks for Rene in this story were really good and a way to further root his character into the ‘Arrow’ universe. I also loved how Curtis and he had a moment at the close of the story in which Curtis says he’d be happy to help Rene get his daughter back.

We also have some nice character beats between newcomer Dinah Drake and Diggle who is trying to help her feel settled.

The villain this week. Is not so much a villain as its someone who has made an awful mistake and will pay for it via the courts.

This is definitely a point in the ‘Arrow’ universe where we are getting to see the more politicised Oliver Queen and are beginning to see what that looks like. Although I still find myself wishing for an episode in which Green Arrow hooks up with the Green Lantern. If there was an episode for that particular team up. This one would have worked wonderfully well for it.

Some great performances and awesome character beats.

Rick Gonzalez  was on great form as Rene and it was great to see the friendship he has formed with Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) continued. 

Thankfully. No flash backs to Oliver’s past with the Bratva this week.

Arrow - Spectre of the gun
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