In Review: Arrow – Lost Canary

Laurel breaks bad.

Synopsis: After being accused of murder and having her criminal past exposed, Laurel goes full Black Siren and teams up with an old criminal acquaintance, Shadow Thief, to go on a crime spree around Star City.

Review: This weeks episode is a big one for girl power as the female heroes take the lead.

The Story

Having been framed for murder by Emiko. Laurel slips over the edge and goes back to her old ways as Black Siren and gets a little help from an old acquaintance, Shadow Thief.

Felicity refuses to give up on Laurel and brings in Sara Lance aka The White Canary to help her and Dinah bring Laurel back from the edge before she is able to do too much damage to the good reputation she has built for herself.

Meanwhile in the future. Maya is furious about the evil corporation known as Galaxy One, which has wiped out the majority of Dinah’s Canary network, which was a group set up for extraordinary women. Maya tries to get Dinah to take the fight to Galaxy One, but Dinah is not into the idea of taking such direct action.

Back in the present day. Oliver and Diggle are looking for leads in order to try and shut down Dante’s network.

The Acting

Katie Cassidy puts in an awesome performance as she channels the darker side of Laurel Lance. At least for a little while. The scenes that she has with Felicity and Sara Lance are particularly good. As are the scenes with Shadow Thief who is played brilliantly by Carmel Amit.


This was a really solid episode, which is a pretty good send-off of sorts for Laural Lance and also a neat way of tying the two storylines of the present and future together. I particularly enjoyed seeing Black Canary aka Laurel Lance pop up in the future to save Maya from a Galaxy One trooper.

Also really good were the scenes with Laurel and Sara. I really enjoyed how Sara shared her story with Laurel about how she became an assassin, but then joined up with the Legends where she had a chance to redeem and reinvent herself. Although I do think the whole speech about redemption being a journey and not a destination was dangerously getting into preachy territory.

By the close of the episode. We see Laurel make the decision to go back to Earth 2 to right some of the wrongs she had done there. I do hope that this will not be permanent because it would be nice to see her return for some part of the 8th and final season.

Arrow - Lost Canary
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