In Review: Arrow – Leap of Faith

Oliver has yet another reunion on his farewell Crisis tour.

Synopsis: Reunited with his sister, Oliver and Thea find themselves searching through a familiar maze of catacombs. Meanwhile, John and Lyla partner on a special ops mission.

Review: This episode sees Oliver and Thea reunited as they embark on a quest to find a secret scroll with some help from an unlikely ally.

The Story

In order to find answers about the identity of Mar Novu and his true motives. Oliver reconnects with his Sister Thea who has been guarding the old lair of R’as AlGhul and any of its secrets from a rival faction. In order to get the answers, they need Oliver and Thea broker a deal with Talia al Ghul who reveals that her late father hid many secret scrolls deep underground.

Elsewhere, Diggle and Lyla embark on a rescue mission, which sees the two rekindle their appreciation for each other.

In the future Mia, William and her team embark on a plan to try and get the upper hand on J.J. and his army of Deathstroke’s. Unfortunately for them, it ends in tragedy, but before they have a chance to grieve they find themselves whisked away from their reality.

The Acting

Lexa Doig puts in a fantastic turn as Talia al Ghul and has some brilliant scenes with Willa Holland who reprises her role as Thea Queen, who is the legitimate heir to the leadership of The League of Assassins, which becomes a bone of contention for the two women.

Holland also gets some great scenes with Stephen Amell, but the best is when the brother and sister say goodbye to each other for what could well be the final time. Amell fully committed and sold this scene brilliantly.


This was a fantastic episode, which had just about everything you could possibly want from a Superhero show. I really enjoyed the quest element of Oliver, Talia and Thea going after the scroll and having to go through some Indiana Jones-style traps in order to get what they want. I also enjoyed the battle between Thea and Talia and the end result of it.

The Diggle and Lyla stuff was fairly good insofar as we got to see the married couple out on an assignment, but it did feel like it was just added on to use some time and fill out the episode.

The future scenes concerning Mia and William and their fight against J.J and his Deathstroke Army again were great for character moments, and great action. And the way it built to the ending, which ultimately sees Mia and William whisked away to the past made for a great cliffhanger moment. But you are left wondering if Connor finishes the job he was doing on his older brother.

Overall. A solid episode, which builds nicely towards the Crisis storyline. I’m really looking forward to the next installment to see how all of this connects.

Arrow - Leap of Faith
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