In Review: Arrow – Honor Thy Fathers

Oliver faces the forced release of criminals prosecuted by Adrian Chase, while a crate is delivered to Oliver's office containing a corpse in concrete.

Synopsis: Oliver faces the forced release of criminals prosecuted by Adrian Chase, while a crate is delivered to Oliver’s office containing a corpse in concrete.

Review: The hunt for Adrian Chase continues, but things seem to remain at a stalemate between Chase and Oliver.

Things change a little when a slab of concrete containing a corpse is delivered to Oliver’s office. It is strongly implied that the corpse is a victim of Oliver’s father. Which means the late Robert Queen is not the father that Ollie and his sister thought he was.

Aside from the soul searching between Ollie and Speedy. The episode kicks into high gear when the team has to chase down and capture a bunch of crooks that were prosecuted by Chase. They are seemingly helping chase to emulate his late fathers plot of releasing a virus into Star City.

Elsewhere Rene is getting jittery about his forthcoming custody hearing with regard to his daughter. This makes for another nicely played out scene between Rick Gonzalez and Paul Blackthorne. It’s very much Quentin Lance being an older brother to Rene that makes this fun to watch. 

The flashback scenes return this week and see Anatoly going with Oliver back to the island. We also see the return of Kover. Who has somehow found his way to the island.

In the present. Ollie has finally plucked up the confidence and self respect to return as the Green Arrow for what he thinks will be his final battle with Adrian Chase.

This was a pretty solid episode that got to where it was going in terms of story.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that Oliver and Speedy wound up having to re assess their thoughts and feelings for their late father. The revelation that Robert Queen accidentally killed someone and covered it up sort of forced Ollie to re assess why he was wearing the Green Arrow suit.

Ollie doubting himself and questioning the reasons why gave Felicity the job of pointing out the good that Green Arrow has done for the city. Things that would not have gotten done if he’d not invented the vigilante to do what Oliver Queen could not do.

It’s obvious to everyone that Adrian Chase let himself get caught.

I have no doubt we’ll see the blow back from that in next week’s story.

Arrow - Honor Thy Fathers
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