In Review: Arrow – Fighting Fire With Fire

When Vigilante attacks Oliver while he's acting as mayor, Diggle leads the team on a mission to stop Vigilante for good.

Synopsis: When Vigilante attacks Oliver while he’s acting as mayor, Diggle leads the team on a mission to stop Vigilante for good.

Review: This is the episode that finally reveals who Prometheus is and its a pretty cool reveal given that they are  very close to Oliver’s role in the Mayors office.

It also sees Oliver having to make a difficult choice while doing damage control over the leak to the press about his role in covering up the accidental killing of a police officer by Green Arrow.  The revelation leads to the authorities looking to impeach him as Mayor, which leaves Ollie with two choices. Either find someone else that can be held accountable and thrown them under a bus or admit his own failing.

His solution is kind of both. In that he throws the Green Arrow under the bus by ordering the police to hunt him down.

In terms of the big reveal this episode. I’ll not say who it is because there are those few that haven’t seen the episode. But I have given a pretty big hint. What I will say is that we see Prometheus taking down another vigilante before he reveals himself.

This was a pretty solid episode and a good one to end on for the week break that we’ll get next week.

We get to see Thea leave her job at the Mayors office because she believes that she is damaged and needs to heal. Ollie agrees. Meanwhile Felicity has decided to fully commit to joining the hacking group Helix.

The flashbacks this week did have a loose connection to what was happening in the present. But it was the loosest of connections. We are as yet to see exactly how it all ties into the present, but I am hopeful we’ll find out soon because its getting to be a bit of a bore.


Arrow - Fighting Fire With Fire
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