In Review: Arrow – Fallout

Oliver and the team must deal with the fallout from the island.

Synopsis: Oliver deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island.

Review: Arrow returns and while some questions are answered from last years epic season finale. We’re left with the new question of who was it that helped Black Siren escape.

This opening episode, which is appropriately titled fallout sees Oliver and the team having to deal with the aftermath of their escape from Lian Yu. The episode starts with Arrow leading an assault and capturing the explosives expert who probably created the devices used to blow up Lian Yu.

As rightly predicted. The romance between Oliver and Felicity is back on, which will no doubt be the talk of the season as many fans. Myself included were hoping the relationship would have been ended indefinitely. It does nothing to serve the plot and just gets in the way of the action.

Mad Dog has a new suit, which makes him look pretty much more of a superhero when compared to what he was sporting last season.

The villain of the week is Black Siran who manages to cause a great deal of strife with the help of the bomb maker who she rescued from police custody, but the question we are all asking is who is helping her.

Dinah Drake is back as the new Black Canary and she and Quinton Lance end up having to fess up to having let Black Siren live when they left her on the island. And it would seem the team dynamic is pretty strong if not a little disorganized.

The drama sandwiched between the action this week involves Oliver having to try and reconnect with his son who is still suffering from some PTSD. He is dreaming of a bad man, which happens to be Oliver, but by the end of the episode, it looks like Ollie is beginning to win him over. But will he feel the same when he sees Ollie revealed as the Green Arrow on the news?

Overall a fairly strong opening episode which gave us some insight into the aftermath of Lian Yu via a couple of flashbacks, which has been a specialty of Arrow over the years. I only hope that the Lian Yu flashbacks do not go throughout the whole season.

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