In Review: Arrow – Fadeout

The final events in the story of Green Arrow

Synopsis: The friends and family of Oliver Queen AKA The Green Arrow gather for his funeral.

Review: After 8 seasons. We finally call time on Arrow but move forward with more Superhero shows on the television than we might ever have dared to wish for. This finale is a touching end to the adventures of Arrow, but it also looks like it could well be a springboard for newer heroes and newer adventures.

The Story

While the friends and family of Oliver Queen prepare to say one last goodbye at his funeral they wind up on one final mission. To rescue Oliver’s son William who has been kidnapped by John Byrne who Ollie put in Jail 8 years prior. To that end members of Team Arrow past, present, and future set about the task of rescuing the Green Arrows son.

The Acting

We see a great many people return to the series for this finale and there are a few surprises such as Susanna Thompson returning as Moira Queen. Apparently because of the reset from crisis certain people that had died in the past wound up been given a second chance. We also get a return for Willa Holland as Oliver’s sister Thea who gets a happy ending due to a marriage proposal.

I was also happy to see Paul Blackthorne return as Quentin Lance who gets to give a really nice speech at the launch of a memorial to the Green Arrow. The list of returning talent is too big to mention or justify in one post. But suffice to say it was great to see so many familiar actors get to reprise their roles and give this show a truly touching and at times sappy send-off.


This finale was a celebration of 8 years of Green Arrow, but it also appears to be a launch point for other things as well. Toward the end of the episode, we see Diggle and his family set off for their new lives in Gotham City when a meteor crashes down and knocks Diggle flying back toward his van. As he recovers he cautiously walks over to the crash site and finds a box that he opens. When he opens it we see a mysterious green glow. If that isn’t a tease for a Green Lantern series I don’t know what is.

Added to that. We also had the set up for a possible ‘Green Arrow and the Canaries’ series for last week’s penultimate episode. So it appears that 8 years of ‘Arrow’ has left CW’s schedule in a much better place than where it started.

Overall. The finale was kind of sappy, but it was also about a family of characters that we have all come to know and love over the years. So to conclude our thanks go out to Stephen Amell and all the actors and creators that brought this series to life. We look forward to seeing a few of you crossover onto other shows that the Arrowverse has helped launch.

Arrow - Fadeout
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