In Review: Arrow – Doppelganger

Oliver and Thea are shocked to learn that Roy Harper is back in Star City.

Synopsis: Oliver and Thea are shocked to learn that Roy Harper is back in Star City. However, when they discover the circumstances of Roy’s return, Oliver and Thea realize that Roy is in trouble and jump in to save him. Black Siren makes a shocking decision.

Review: Arrow and the team learn that Diaz is holding Roy Harper prisoner in order to try and get him to testify against Oliver Queen.

And if that is not complicated enough Black Siren tells the press and the rest of Star City that she is Laurel Lance aka the former Black Canary and then proceeds to trie and convince Ollie and the others that she is trying to change for the better.

It was nice to see Roy Harper return to the series and having him being held by Diaz was a great way to get Thea back in the Red Arrow costume and back in action, though admittedly she let her emotions get in the way of making sound tactical choices.

The Black Siren turning over a new leaf and becoming Laurel Lance feels pretty thin given how much of a bad ass she has been since her introduction. Sure Quentin has tried to turn Black Siren around and thinks he has gotten somewhere but it will be interesting to find out how much Black Siren is manipulating the situation and where her loyalty truly lies. I mean she was a bit shaky when she took a life for Cayden James and she does not seem to be a willing pawn in Diaz’s schemes either. But I doubt she can truly change.

As far as Diaz is concerned. I’m hoping that he is not the main villain of the series this year because to be blunt. I’m finding him very underwhelming.  Yes sure he has certain police officers on the payroll and all of that, but he does not really seem to be anything more than your average crime boss. And after villains like Damian Darhk and Prometheus. He seems very one note by comparison. And that is in spite of him having Ollie over a barrel. Perhaps the final moment of this episode will offer hope of a bigger and better villain.

Overall. While it was nice to see Roy again and Thea put on the red arrow suit. This still felt like a pretty average episode.

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