In Review: Arrow – Checkmate

Oliver learns the true identity of Prometheus

Synopsis: Oliver learns the true identity of Prometheus and Felicity is refused further help from Helix until she does them a few favours in return.

Review: After a visit to Talia al Ghul Ollie learns that Prometheus has been hiding in plain sight all along as his friend District Attorney Adrian Chase.  Talia is apparently helping Chase because she is pissed off at Oliver for killing her father.

As Ollie returns to Star City with the news. He confronts Chase at the Mayors office and a political game of cat and mouse ensues as Ollie and his team are forced to play along until they are able to construct a case or obtain absolute evidence that proves that Chase is the throwing star killer.

Felicity is trying to lend a hand to Ollie’s investigation and does get the evidence that he needs, but it comes at a cost of her having to hack some drones for Helix.

Meanwhile Chase has Oliver’s girlfriend Susan Williams hostage, which further complicates issues in that a rescue has to be carried out.

After managing to successfully Rescue Susan. Oliver and his team hatch a plan to kidnap Chase’s wife and proved to her that her husband is a murderer and force a confrontation. This goes wrong when Chase stabs his wife and has an almighty ding dong battle with Oliver until Talia is able intervene with a drug filled arrow to Oliver.

This leaves team Arrow minus its leader and has them scrabbling desperately to try and concoct a rescue plan. The trouble is. They have no idea where Oliver is being held.

This was a solid episode with lots of moves and counter moves between the protagonist and the villain. The Flashback scenes kind of acted as somewhat of a mirror to what is happening in the here and now, but didn’t really feel all that necessary or add anything of value to the episode. Which has been a problem with this series for some time. Flash backs worked great for the first two seasons. But after that. They seemed to become somewhat redundant and dragged stuff out for longer than was needed.

Arrow - Checkmate
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