In Review: Arrow – Bratva

Team Arrow heads off to Russia for a very personal mission.

Synopsis: Team Arrow heads off to Russia for a very personal mission.

Review: The team head to Russia in order to hunt down and capture General Walker who is involved in an arms deal, which could have catastrophic consequences.  Both Diggle and Felicity start to play by different rules than they would normally, which forces Oliver to reconnect with Anatoly Knyazev and the Bratva in order to keep their names clean.

Quentin Lance returns to the Mayors office and is ready to resume work. In order to come clean about his drinking and so forth. He offers Oliver’s journalist girlfriend an exclusive interview. Out of concern for Quentin Ollie asks Rene to keep an eye on him and help him prep for the interview. This leads to a fun new and somewhat unlikely friendship forming between Lance and Rene.

In the flashback scenes. We get more of Ollie training with Talia al Ghul in order to prep him for his future as the vigilante guardian of Starling City.

This episode felt for the most part like filler and served only to Diggle into the fold.

I wasn’t really all that enamoured by the story or made to care about the characters either way.

It is a huge shame given how last weeks was such an awesome episode. But this for me even with the addition of Dinah Drake as the new Canary seemed to be the weakest episode thus far.

The only thing of any note. Was the fun dynamic between Quentin Lance and Rene. And the fun reveal about who it was that inspired Rene to become Mad Dog.


Arrow - Bratva
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