In Review: Another Life, Season 1 (Netflix)

Another Life should’ve been subtitled How To Waste Ten Hours Waiting for the Dark Crystal Prequel.

Synopsis: After a massive alien artifact lands on Earth, Niko Breckinridge leads an interstellar mission to track down its source and make first contact.

Review: Another Life should’ve been subtitled How To Waste Ten Hours Waiting for the Dark Crystal Prequel. This mash-up of Arrival, Interstellar, Alien, and a thousand other things veered from bad to tediously mediocre and back again.

Creator Aaron Martin and his writing team didn’t even have the decency to inject camp or parody into the scripts to make the experience more bearable. They just put all the worn-out science fiction tropes on parade and relied on the actors to make everything work.

Katee Sackhoff understood what her job was and got on with it. I think she was just happy to be playing a more self-aware version of Starbuck who actually benefitted from ad hoc therapy as the season progressed. 

For their parts, Arrow-verse actors Tyler Hoechlin and Jessica Camacho made the most of what they had, but they were likely just paying the bills between superhero stints. I hope to see Gypsy and Superman interact during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. It would be a much more fulfilling experience for them and for us.

For my money, the stand-out performer was Samuel Anderson. He played the ship’s holographic interface, rising above the forced storyline with soulful depth. His response to the scripts makes sense, though, given that he had practice rising above a forced storyline as Danny Pink on Doctor Who. 

There’s been no announcement of a second season. I won’t be watching even if it is renewed.

You can stream Another Life on Netflix now.

Creator: Aaron Martin

Writers: Aaron Martin, Gorman Lee, Sabrina Sherif, Alejandro Alcoba, Romeo Candido, Amanda Fahey, Lauren Gosnell, Naledi Jackson, Alex Levine, Jackie May, Lucie Pagé, Sean Reycraft

Directors: Mairzee Almas, Allan Arkush, Sheree Folkson, Metin Hüseyin, Omar Madha


Katee Sackhoff, Justin Chatwin, Tyler Hoechlin, Samuel Anderson, Elizabeth Ludlow, Jake Abel, Jessica Camacho, Selma Blair

Another Life, Season 1 (Netflix)
  • The Good: The actors tried.
  • The Bad: I don't even know where to start.
  • Performances
  • Story
  • VFX

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