In Review: Angela’s Christmas

A Netflix animation that will warm even the most cynical of hearts.

Synopsis: Set in 1914 in the Irish city of Limerick. The film focuses on a little girls efforts to keep the baby Jesus from the church’s nativity scene warm for Christmas.

Review: It’s not often that we review animated movies on, but with it being Christmas and given that this film in particular embodied some of the less commercial things that money cannot buy. I figured why not give this a look.

‘Angela’s Christmas’ was released Netflix earlier in the week and although Christianity plays a small role. It’s the story that is so charming and adorable that you find yourself totally absorbed into Angela’s little world.

The Story

Set in Limerick in the year 1914  and loosely based on Frank McCourt’s only children’s book the story focuses mainly on six-year-old Angela whose innocent and warm heart spurs her into rescuing the Baby Jesus from the Church’s Nativity scene.

The story begins with some narration from Angela’s grown up son who bookends the story. After his introductory narration, we are introduced to Angela and her family and see her fighting with her brother. The scene then shifts to Angela going to mass with her family, which is where she sees the horrific nativity scene of a naked baby Jesus.

It’s from this point on that Angela begins her little adventure and formulates a plan to nick the baby Jesus that would put Tom Cruise and his Impossible Missions Force to shame.


Angela’s Christmas is a really nice and simple story told with some beautifully done animation and charming characters. It’s a simple fantasy Christmas story that will warm the hearts of your most ardent cynics.

Malachy McCourt is wonderful as the narrator and the rest of the voice cast, which includes Ruth Negga as Angela’s mother and Lucy O’Connell in the titular role do their jobs really well.

The story relies heavily on how superstitious church going folk were back in 1914. There’s a fun moment when Angela is stealing the Baby Jesus and two of the townsfolk think she is a spirit when they hear her sneeze while sneakily executes her plan.

It’s a simple yet lovingly told story about the power of family and the innocent desire of a child to ensure everyone is safe, warm and loved at Christmas time.

In many ways. This is a story about the best parts of the Christmas holidays that is gift wrapped in nostalgia and innocence. And though there are no swords, pixies, Santa Clause or any of that usual Christmas stuff that you’d normally expect in a kiddies film. This has a magic all of its own because it makes for a very believable story.

Angela's Christmas
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