In Review: American Gods (S3 – Ep8) The Rapture of Burning

Laura and Salim's quest forces them outside of their comfort zones as they let go of their pasts.
The Rapture of Burning

Synopsis: In ‘The Rapture of Burning’. Laura and Salim’s quest forces them outside of their comfort zones as they let go of their pasts.


The Story

Tyr has taken Shadow Moon under false pretenses and looks to use him to stage a confrontation with Wednesday.

In a flashback sequence to the 1950s, we get introduced to a couple of new characters. Tu’er Shen also known as The Rabbit God. Who is the Chinese deity who manages love and sex between homosexual people. In addition to introducing us to this new god. His appearance ties directly to Salim’s journey and further explores the conflict between his faith and his sexuality. In the sequence, Tu’er Shen is running away from the authorities and finds his way to The Peacock Grand Hotel, which is owned and run by a trans woman called Tony. Later in the episode, we see Salim and Laura Moon check in to the Hotel. Salim meets a hot Bell Hop and has the night of his life. While Laura seeks out Doyle a Leprechaun that can help her get hold of Odins Spear.

Elsewhere, in order to get Technical Boy back under control. Miss World puts a device on his face, which locks his conscious mind away in a virtual prison. While in this prison Technical Boys subconscious manifests itself in the image of Bilquis who helps him break free of it.

Meanwhile, Tyr holds Shadow Moon prisoner and prepares to battle with Wednesday.


The Acting

Omid Abtahi who plays Salim has the most interesting storyline in this episode as he gets to enjoy a very pansexual party which is somewhat of a second coming out for him. The brief scene that Salim has with Tony before he spends the rest of the evening with Hot Bellhop is rather telling. Especially when he says that he’d thought that he has come to terms with his sexuality. But seemingly coming to terms is a pretty big part of Salim’s arc. That as well as the fact that he has fallen into the discovery of a war between old and new gods.

By contrast. Emily Browning’s storyline with Laura Moon is much simpler if not just as messy. I loved her scene with the Leprechaun where she is making the deal that will get her what she wants. Which is the one weapon that she can use to kill Wednesday.

Finally, we have to give props to Ian McShane and Denis O’Hare. I loved the sequence just prior to Wednesday’s arrival in which Tyr tells Shadow Moon about Odin’s trickery and how it cost him a hand. A moment that is later paid off when Wednesday taunts Tyr about losing his hand to Fenris.



The Rapture of Burning¬†comes out as one of the stronger episodes of this series thus far. Plotwise it manages to move the pieces forward to such an extent where things can only get more interesting as we head into the final two episodes. The setup between Laura Moon and the Leprechaun getting her the spear was well handled. As was the conclusion of Wednesday’s arc with Tyr, which has seemed to be rather dragged out.

With only two episodes of this season left. It will be interesting to find out why Shadow Moon chooses Florida as his next destination. Will he be meeting up with Bilquis to find out about his brother or is there another plan.

Indeed, The Rapture of Burning certainly lives up to its title given the Journey that Salim is on. But also in regards to the burning emotions that Technical Boy struggles with in his few scenes. As well as the Battle between Wednesday and Tyr.

Overall. Not a bad episode.


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