In Review: American Gods (S3 – Ep6) Conscience of the King

Despite his past following him to Lakeside, Shadow makes himself at home and builds relationships with the town's residents.
Conscience of the King

Synopsis: In ‘Conscience of the King’. Despite his past following him to Lakeside, Shadow makes himself at home and builds relationships with the town’s residents. Laura and Salim continue to hunt for Wednesday, who attempts one final gambit to win over Demeter.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Shadow Moon has returned to Lakeside and despite a visit from his ex-wife Laura. He continues to try and create some roots for himself in the small town. Meanwhile, having not been able to get Shadow to spill on the whereabouts of Mr. Wednesday. Laura who is being aided by a heartbroken Salim continues her search.

Back at the asylum. Mr. Wednesday continues to try and woo Demeter into leaving with him. To that end, he puts on a shadow play for her, which is a re-enactment of how they met and fell in love. But also a means for Wednesday to ease his conscience.

Elsewhere, Technical Boy is still struggling to figure out why he is glitchy. In the hopes of finding some answers, he pays a visit to Mr. World who has morphed into Danny Trejo. We also learn that Mr. World is in the know about the return of Laura Moon and he intends to reach out a hand to her in the hopes of striking a deal that would be good for their mutual benefits.


The Acting

Ian McShane pulls off a great performance this week as we see Wednesday go all out to woo Demeter. The shadow play he puts on and narrates is brilliantly done and McShane’s narration really sells it. As does Blythe Danner’s reaction to it as Demeter begins to feel the old feelings of a tragic loss, which brought her relationship with Wednesday to an end the first time. The story of Wednesday and Demeter’s love plays out like a mixture of both a Greek and Shakespearian tragedy. And McShane and Danner go all out to sell it.

Bruce Langley gets a fair bit this week as Technical Boy tries to run a diagnostic on himself to figure out what is up. After this, he pays a visit to Mr. World who has changed his persona and looks again to that of Danny Trejo. The screen between Langley and Trejo is rather charged. But it does shake a few things loose such as something that Mr. World is hiding deep underground in a silo. What could it be?



‘Conscience of the King’ sort of wraps up the Wednesday and Demeter storyline for the time being and works on setting a few pieces in place for what can only be another confrontation between Mr. Wednesday and Mr. World. Although this time out. I suspect Mr. World has the upper hand. Especially given how distracted Wednesday has been with Demeter and the fact that Shadow Moon has been busy trying to find a sense of connection and normality in Lakeside.

Overall. Not a bad episode, but mostly just sowing some seeds for the remaining four episodes.

American Gods (S3 - Ep6) Conscience of the King
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