In Review: American Gods (S3 – Ep5) Sister Rising

Wednesday forms a plan for a new con and asks Shadow to play a part in it. 
Sister Rising

Synopsis: In ‘Sister Rising’ Shadow uses a recently enlightened Bilquis to explore concepts of identity, purpose, and destiny. Technical Boy is faced with an identity crisis. Wednesday forms a plan for a new con and asks Shadow to play a part in it.


The Story

The episode begins where things left off last time. Shadow Moon and Technical Boy have gone to rescue Bilquis and arrive just in time to see her make a dramatic escape from her kidnappers. But this is a new and enlightened Bilquis who will no longer be defined by peoples expectations of her. Shadow Moon enjoys a philosophical chat with Bilquis before heading off to help Wednesday. Meanwhile, Technical Boy has wandered off alone to find himself.

Elsewhere, Wednesday is now in the asylum with his beloved Demeter and manages to talk Shadow Moon into helping Cordelia run a con. The mark is Larry Hutchinson. The man that is holding on to all of Demeter’s money.

Having been resurrected and found her way out of purgatory. Laura Moon sets out to find Wednesday and manages to get Salim to tag along.


The Acting

Although she only has a few short scenes at the beginning of the episode. I really enjoyed Yetide Badaki’s performance as Bilquis. She played her scenes with a nice dose of playfulness and humor. I particularly enjoyed the line she made about french fries. As well as the way in which she teases Shadow Moon about rescuing her.

Also, a lot of fun was had with Wednesday’s con. In particular Ricky Whittle’s rather bad accent when he is stealing Hutchinson’s briefcase from under his nose. The dynamic of Whittle and Ashley Reyes’s Cordelia working the con together was lots of fun.



This was a pretty good episode for Shadow Moon. But very little happened in the way of overall plot advancement. Technical Boy is still having issues. Wednesday is still trying to talk Demeter into going with him. In fact the only characters that had any sort of development were Shadow Moon and Bilquis. The former seems more open to the Gods. Whereas Bilquis is looking to recreate herself, which I hope we get to see.

Overall though. It was a good episode for character development and the con job that Shadow Moon and Cordelia go on gave the story a nice sense of momentum that otherwise wouldn’t have been there.

American Gods (S3 - Ep5) Sister Rising
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