In Review: American Gods (S3 – Ep4) The Unseen

Shadow and Technical Boy team up to search for Bilquis, who finds herself captive amid a crisis of identity.
The Unseen

Synopsis: In ‘The Unseen’. Shadow and Technical Boy team up to search for Bilquis, who finds herself captive amid a crisis of identity.


The Story

Having arrived at Bilquis’s apartment to see lots of blood and Technical Boy. Shadow and Technical Boy who is struggling to hold himself together because of something that Bilquis did to him head off to try and find her.

Meanwhile, Bliquis who has been kidnapped is having a crisis of identity due to a lack of followers because she kind of devoured Bill Sanders. The guy that was keeping all her online profiles active. Incidentally, the people that have kidnapped Bilquis are only holding her so they can get to Sanders. Furthermore, Miss World aka Mr World has learned about what Bilquis did and pays her a visit.

Elsewhere, Mr. Wednesday who is still trying to get custody of his wife goes to the local chapter of notorious biker gang Lords of Valhalla to enlist their help in getting his wife back. However, while there he bumps into a familiar face. Things go south and the bar where they are gets blown up. Wednesday survives but has lost his marbles.

In Purgatory, Laura Moon is still trying to get through the weird bureaucracy of the place. But on Earth, things are moving ahead with the Cremation of Mad Sweeney. But while cleaning the tomb an accident triggers the resurrection of Laura Moon.


The Acting

‘The Unseen’ has a few solid acting performances. Most notable is the unusual and rather fun partnership of Ricky Whittle and Bruce Langley as Shadow and Technical Boy who take on a Bad Cop and Good Cop sort of approach when investigating the whereabouts of Bilquis. I loved the scene where they capture one of the people that have kidnapped Bilquis and lean on him for information.

Yetide Badaki puts in a fantastic performance as Bilquis who seems to have lost herself and is going through some sort of vision quest in an attempt to find herself again.

Ian McShane as always pretty much embodies Wednesday with relative ease and gets an interesting scene with Marilyn Manson who plays Johan. An old acquaintance of Wednesday.



Much like last week’s episode. We see a little more progress in the show’s story arc as Shadow tries to find Bilquis while Wednesday continues to try and get his wife back from the custody of the asylum where she is being kept. I’m particularly enjoying the stuff with Laura Moon storyline, which is something that seems to have helped things move along at a better pace.

Overall. A pretty solid episode.

American Gods (S3 - Ep4) The Unseen
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