In Review: American Gods (S3 – Ep10) Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree

Shadow Moon along with Mr. Ibis, Czernobog and Cordelia mourn the death of Mr. Wednesday
Wrath-Bearing Tree

Synopsis: In ‘Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree’ Shadow Moon along with Mr. Ibis, Czernobog and Cordelia mourn the death of Mr. Wednesday. But first, they must get his body from Mr. World who wishes to broker peace.


The Story

Having killed Mr. Wednesday with the Odin spear in last week’s episode. Laura Moon finds herself holed up in the same hotel where the old gods are gathering to pay their respects and retrieve the body of Wednesday. When asked why she is being kept at the same hotel as the old gods. Mr. World tells Laura that she is safe because it is unholy ground, which essentially means the gods could not harm her even if they wished to. Shadow Moon now knows that he is special and must sit vigil for Wednesday, but does not quite understand what a Norse Vigil involves.

Meanwhile, Bliquis has been tasked with helping Shadow Moon, but must first find his soul twin. With time fast running out she catches up with Laura moon who she gets to accompany her.

Celebrating in his victory against Wednesday. Mr. World returns to his offices and the sub-basement to tie up one more loose end. Technical Boy. It turns out that Technical Boy is potentially the most powerful among the new gods as he is s bridge between the old and new. With each evolution of technology. Technical Boy has evolved, but in so doing he has lost all memory of his origin.  Thus Mr. World has been exploiting him all along. Mr. World is so confident in his victory that he reveals his true self to Technical Boy in announcing himself as a Trickster. Of course, Technical Boy does not understand the reference. But we the audience will twig that Mr. World is the Trickster god Loki.


The final scenes… May well be the last

The final scenes of this season finale are harrowing, to say the least. As we see Shadow Moon suffering and learning of his true fate. But what that really means for the rest of the story may never get told on television. At this present time, there isn’t any news from Starz about whether or not we’ll get a fourth season of the show. This will be bloody annoying given that this episode ends on a magnificent cliffhanger.  A cliffhanger in which we see Shadow Moon completely enveloped by the wrath-bearing tree.


The Acting

Ricky Whittle steps up to the plate for this final episode and delivers a solid performance as Shadow Moon. In the episode, we see Shadow Moon taking his responsibilities and promises to Wednesday very seriously. Indeed the scenes he has with Czernobog show how far Shadow Moon has come. Set your mind back to the first season and we found that Shadow Moon struggled to stand his ground against Czernobog. That has now changed.

We also get a great performance from Crispin Glover as Mr. World. His scene in the hotel when Laura (Emily Browning) outs him as having manipulated events is brilliant. He also has a great scene toward the end of the episode where he tells Technical Boy who he is.



This was a pretty strong season finale. I only hope that it doesn’t wind up being the series finale because if that is the case it will leave too many questions unanswered. Specifically when it comes to the fate of Shadow Moon and Wednesday. Not to mention the implications of Mr. World revealing himself as Loki.

If anything ‘Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree’ illustrates what this series can be like when it is firing on all cylinders. We get some fantastic visuals. The sequence of the tree wrapping itself around Shadow Moon is particularly good. As was the brief sequence near the start of the episode when Bilquis opens the fridge.

Overall. A great season finale, but not such a great note to end on should Starz decide not to renew. We can only hope that they will commission a movie or something to wrap up the loose ends.


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American Gods (S3 - Ep10) Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree
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