In Review: American Gods (S3 – E1) A Winter’s Tale

A meeting with the god Wisakedjak leaves Shadow with a prophecy about his destiny.
A Winter's Tale

Synopsis: In A Winter’s Tale. A meeting with the god Wisakedjak leaves Shadow with a prophecy about his destiny.


The Story

A Winter’s Tale picks the story up roughly three months after the events in season 2. Shadow Moon has assumed a new identity and is working a regular job. When a promotion comes his way. Shadow Moon bumps into Mr. Wednesday who is looking to reconnect with his chosen son. Eventually Shadow Moon caves and heads off with Wednesday to seek out Wisekedjak. Yet another of the old gods that Wednesday has troubled relations with.

Elsewhere, Mr. World has rebranded and is now Miss World and she is unhappy with how things are going. Not being shy to show her displeasure an example is made of one of her followers via baseball bat. Mr. Wednesday has become a real problem and she wants him gone. Meanwhile, Technical Boy continues in his task of trying to recruit the Goddess Bilquis in their campaign against Mr. Wednesday and the old Gods.


The Acting

Ricky Whittle sports a new look as Shadowmoon and is as steady as ever as the dependable but put upon sidekick to Wednesday. Furthermore, the chemistry between Whittle and Ian McShane remains and makes for some fun moments.

Making a big entrance in the episode is Dominique Jackson as Miss World. She pretty much commands the screen from the first moment and is given a really powerful opening moment.

A stark contrast to this is Graham Greene who plays Wednesday’s old buddy Whisky Jack who is likely also known as Wisakedjak. Jack has a message with regards to Shadow Moon’s destiny.



To begin with, this is a fairly good start for the third season. The newer characters get their chance to shine while we see some older characters get the chop. Or do they. There is a bit of story concerning Laura Moon trying to resurrect Mad Sweeny, but whether she succeeds or not is left open. All we see is Laura’s body fade away as she gives up the gold coin that has been keeping her alive.

The immediate emphasis is on Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday as they continue their dysfunctional relationship and quest to take down the new gods. Although we only get a few building blocks in this opening episode. Let’s hope that the pacing is a bit speedier at giving us the rest in the weeks ahead.

We get some solid visuals throughout the episode and some great transitional shots. The high point is the psychedelic effect we see when Wednesday uses his powers to get them out of harm’s way when Miss Worlds’ goons try and kill them.

Overall. A pretty good start. But as said. The pacing will need to pick up in the weeks ahead.

American Gods (S3 - E1) A Winter's Tale
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