In Review: American Gods – Lemon Scented You

Media gets a great speech, which references David Bowie songs as well as the 1938 radio adaptation of 'War Of The Worlds'

Synopsis: Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday get arrested and wind up in a meeting with Mr World.

Review: At just a little past the midway point of this opening season. We finally get to meet Mr Wednesday’s opposite number. Mr World.

The episode begins with Shadow and Laura. Basically picking things up from where things left off last week.

There’s a bit of build up to go before the epic meeting. One scene in particular sees the Goddess Media channeling her inner David Bowie decked out as Ziggy Stardust. She is trying to get Technology Boy to tow the line and apologise to Shadow Moon to make it easier for Mr World to broker a parlay with Wednesday.

Media gets a great speech, which references David Bowie songs as well as the 1938 radio adaptation of ‘War Of The Worlds’, which starred the late great Orson Welles.  This pretty much all sets the scene for Mr World’s grand entrance.

When Shadow and Wednesday are arrested. Its very apparent that its a ploy by Mr World to get them into a room. Though we do have to go through the motions of an interrogation by the Detective in order to make things look legit. She has evidence given by Mr World of Wednesday and Shadow at the bank, which was pretty much two states away.

The eventual Entrance of Mr World and his wanting a merger with Wednesday was well executed.

I loved how Media was brought in to pretty much chastise Technology Boy and provide Mr Wednesday with some media spin to illustrate what she and Mr World could do for his brand.

It’s all about him getting more followers. And when Mr World mentions followers Mr Wednesday pretty much says, “At least us old gods gave something back.”

Eventually Wednesday and Shadow are allowed to leave, but it is not clear what Mr World wants at this point.

We also get a little more Mad Sweeney this week. In the form of a confrontation between him and Laura Moon. The Leprechaun does not come out of this well. He does not get his lucky gold coin back and Laura is still out and about.

Hopefully we’ll learn more in next weeks episode as we draw a little closer to the first season finale. But right now its pretty much all been character beats and little in the way of plot development.

The Big Question: Who Is Mr World…

That is the big question for this episode.

In the book he was more of an Enforcer for the new gods. He’s be in charge of a group of Men In Black type agents and was very similar to Agent Smith from the Matrix movies.

For the series Mr World has been changed and has become more of a God.

But God of what? Is he a God of Commerce and Big Business or is he something else entirely.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

American Gods - Lemon Scented You
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