In Review: America Gods: Season 2 Episode 7

Treasure of the Sun

Synopsis: In Cairo, Mr. Wednesday entrusts Shadow with the Gungnir spear. Mad Sweeney recalls his journey through the ages as he awaits his promised battle. Once again, he warns Shadow about Wednesday. Meanwhile, Laura receives sage advice from Mama-ji.

Review: This week we get the full story about Mad Sweeney.

The Story

As Mad Sweeney returns to Cairo he is in pretty rough shape and seeking some clarity of vision about his purpose and questioning if he still has one given that he is no longer of much importance to Mr. Wednesday. As the story develops we see how Mad Sweeney came to be through various flashbacks that show him as a God-King of the Emerald isles who aggressively defended the island from new gods and religions until Christianity took hold and belittled him and his people to little more than myths of Fae and Leprechauns, which allowed Wednesday to make a pact with the fallen king.

By the close of the episode, Sweeney with some help from Bilquis and Ibis has remembered his true self and is able to have his final battle, but not exactly as Wednesday would have envisaged it.

Elsewhere Laura Moon is told by Mama Ji that she has the powers of the destroyer. Quite how that will all work out remains to be seen.

The Acting

Pablo Schreiber puts in a powerhouse performance this week in what looks like it could well be his final episode unless they have a few more flashback episodes in future seasons that will include Sweeney. The scenes that he has with Shadow Moon are full of tension as Sweeney tries to make Shadow see that he is pretty much his replacement as far as Wednesday is concerned and that he will sooner or later also be Wednesdays dog to kick.


A fairly good episode, which showed us the truth about Mad Sweeney and his fall from being a God King to being Wednesday’s lapdog.

The scenes where Bilquis is taking mass and preaching about the gifts of the flesh and pretty much seducing the congregation is a fun touch.

I loved the Flashback sequences of Sweeney as he battled with invaders and the fact that he was good with a spear was very revealing and informative to what the final twist would be in the episode.

One thing that has me curious is what it will mean for Laura Moon now that Mad Sweeney is no longer around to get his coin back?

America Gods: Season 2 Episode 7
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