Two track stars are destined for great things, but when one of them dies in a hit and run everything changes.

Synopsis: Tuka and Sterling are best friends whose bond transcends the physical world as they follow their dreams after tragedy strikes.

The Story

Sterling and Tuca are best friends and school track stars that are destined for great things. But when Tuca is hit by a car and dies. Sterling struggles to come to terms with the friendship she has lost and sets about trying to get justice for her friend. Meanwhile, Tuca has found out that there is no afterlife and is figuring out what she needs to do to get to the afterlife. To that end, she begins to follow Sterling around and realizes that she is still able to talk with Sterling when they are both running. Armed with this knowledge Tuca begins to help Sterling shave some seconds off of her 400-meter time so she can win the championship, but tragedy hits when Sterling is attacked by the gang who killed Tuca.

The Acting

The two leads in this story are fantastic as Tuca and Sterling. E’myri Crutchfield who plays Sterling is fantastic. The scene where she takes on the guys who killed Tuca is particularly well acted as Sterling nearly gets herself killed. Hailey Kilgore who plays Tuca is also amazing in the role. Especially in the scenes where she is dealing with the fact that she has just died and is trying desperately to reconnect with Sterling.


The Heat is a fantastic story, which at its very heart is about friendship and two young women that have a deep love and respect for one another. It is also a very clever and moving Urban Ghost story, which makes a few comments on Class and Racism, but mostly focuses on the friendship between the two leads and how it transcends both life and death. The story borrows a few elements from the classic movie ‘Ghost’, but uses those elements really well to tell its own story.

I loved the fact that Sterling was only able to hear the ghost of Tuca when they were both running together, which is a device that gets used quite a lot during the story.

Overall. ‘The Heat’ is a story that shows us how love can pretty much transcend most anything if you believe enough.

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