In Review: Almost Paradise – Finding Mabuhay (S1 E1)

Christian Kane Of 'Leverage' & 'The Librarians' Fame brings his action chops to this exciting new action show.

Synopsis: When ex-DEA agent Alex Walker moves to a tranquil, out-of-the-way beach in the Philippines for his health, he’s surprised to discover the area has developed over the years into a luxury resort destination. Despite his best efforts and against doctor’s orders, he soon finds himself falling back into his undercover operative ways when he’s pulled into a drug sting operation run by the local police department.

Review: Developed by Dean Devlin for television. ‘Almost Paradise’ is a new exciting and somewhat farfetched action drama that takes full advantage of Christian Kane’s skillset in a number of the Martial arts as well as his knack for comedy timing. The show is not science fiction, but some of the action beats and situations depicted in this series could well be leaping from the pages of any number of comic books.

The Story

Having been drummed out of the DEA on medical grounds to do with high blood pressure and Hypertension. Former DEA Agent Alex Walker is looking for a simple life and has brought himself a gift shop in the Philippines and has found the island to be much more developed than he remembered. When he spots a drug bust about to go sideways he can’t help but intervene and finds himself working alongside the local police and is partnered up with Detectives Alamares and Mendoza. Not being one for the politics and legalities of Police work. Alex soon goes off on his own and infiltrates the drug gang. Soon after his old friends at the DEA get involved, which forces Alex into a bad situation in which he is forced to choose between the DEA or the Local Police.

The Acting

It goes without saying that Christian Kane is the star of this show and he makes an immediate impact. The scene that introduces Alex Walker sees him in his doctor’s office where he is being fitted with a heart monitor and warned about his high blood pressure. Alex shrugs it off with the typical devil may care attitude that you’d expect from the regular action hero. This introductory scene plays out really well and allows for a little humor, but the best part is the scene where he sees his new shop and apartment and to say that it needs a little work would be a massive understatement.

The supporting cast of the show is really solid. Arthur Acuña makes a subtle impression as Detective Alamares who doesn’t really have a great deal of dialogue but does bring an interesting presence to the role. Whereas Samantha Richelle makes an immediate and strong impression as Detective  Kai Mendoza. Who seems very much to be the female equivalent of Alex in that she isn’t afraid to fight rough. She had some nice scenes with Christian Kane where Kai shows him the people that she is trying to protect.


‘Almost Paradise’ gets off to a strong start and gives us a fun group of characters headed up by Christian Kane. The action is thick and fast and so is the humor. Much of which is derived from Kane’s character doing his absolute best to ignore medical advice and get himself into dangerous situations. We also have the fact that culturally the lead character is a bit like a fish out of water, which could lead to some interesting character arcs as the show gets going.

Overall. I’ll likely be watching it again next week.

Almost Paradise - Finding Mabuhay (S1 E1)
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  • mentdijinn
    19 April 2020 at 6:11 pm -

    Love this new show! Something we really need right now.. Intriguing, entertaining just plain fun!
    Christian Kane in action is something you don’t want to miss! #AlmostPardise WGN America 10/9 pm ct Monday nights and on Amazon Prime Video #USA

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