In review: All New Captain America #4

It is precisely the strength and integrity of Sam Wilson's character and spirit, which embodies the ideals that makes the All-New Captain America a great Super Hero!

From Marvel Comics and the creative team of Rick Remender (writer), Stuart Immonen (penciler), Wade Von Grawbadger (inker) and Marte Gracia (colorist), the All-New Captain America #4 is an absolutely beautiful issue in the new and on-going adventures of Sam Wilson (a.ka. the Falcon) as the New Captain America!

This issue sees Captain America take on Hydra’s most devious plan to bring about a new world order to date, as he must fight against impossible odds to stop Doomsday from being unleashed upon the world.

The story has a great flashback at the outset of the book, to a very human Sam Wilson as the Falcon talking with the his long time partner and friend, Steve Rogers; the original Captain America, about not being able to rest while there is so much wrong with the world. And this is exactly the tone of the entire issue as Sam Wilson pushes himself to save the fate of all the world’s population who will be desterilized if he fails.

The action sequences are intense and Immonen’s illustrative style is simply beautiful and brilliant, which in turn helps to make this new Captain America story a riveting issue from beginning to end.

Likewise, Rick Remender is a master writer who helps show just what a good choice Sam Wilson is as the New Captain America, as we can see that he is able to stand up to his adversaries not because of a physical super power, but because of the strength and integrity of his character and spirit, which embodies the ideals that make Captain America a super hero.

But with all of Wilson’s heroic tenacity, he still cannot stop Hydra’s launch of the bioweapon about to be unleashed upon the world, as the book leaves the reader at a cliff hanger, which sees Baron Zemo’s sword to Captain America’s throat.

The All-New Captain America #4 is quite simply a must read and worth every penny of its $3.99 price!

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