In Review: Alien Xmas (Netflix)

X is sneaky. X is slick. But this greedy little Alien on a mission to steal didn't plan on the power of the Christmas spirit.

Synopsis: X is sneaky. X is slick. But this greedy little Alien on a mission to steal didn’t plan on the power of the Christmas spirit.



When a group of kleptomaniac aliens set out to steal the earth’s gravity. They send X as an advance scout to steal as much as he can and build the gyrotron. Accept when X is mistaken by a young Elf girl to be a cuddly toy X slowly learns the lessons of Christmas and the power of love. In order to make amends for his misdeeds. X sets about destroying the gyrotron and repairs the new lightspeed engine on Santa’s sled. Thinking that he has done enough to help Christmas town X enjoys a celebration with his new friends. But it is sadly short-lived.


Voice Acting

This film sees Santa narrating the story of the alien invasion and X to the elf children in Christmas Town. Santa is voiced really well by Keythe Farley who is perhaps better known for his work on various video games, which include the recent Star Wars: Squadrons game. X is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker who has an extensive resume of voice work, which ranges from Star Wars: Clone Wars to Muppet Babies. Kaliayh Rhambo rounds out the main cast as Holly who is the sweet-natured little Elf girl that helps X find his Christmas mojo.

All the actor’s work do great work and fully commit to their respective roles.



This is a fun little Christmas animation, which will entertain most young kids and some adults if they allow their inner child some wiggle room. While the storyline of aliens attempting to ruin Christmas isn’t a new one. The story is executed quite well. My only gripe is that perhaps a little to much time was spent on establishing X and his role in things. Which made the final invasion seem a little rushed. But the good guys win in the end.

The quality and the stop motion animation was really good and have the film a nice retro feel.

In recent years. Netflix has been putting out some pretty decent animated films. Check out our reviews of Klaus and Angela’s Christmas from a few Christmas’s past.

Alien Xmas
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