In Review: Agents Of Shield – World’s End

Coulson teams with Ghost Rider for the finale

Synopsis: With the surprising emergence of Ghost Rider, Coulson and the team attempt to stop Aida from ending the world.

Review: For me this has been the best season of ‘Agents Of Shield’ to date and the way in which it has been structured with essentially two story arcs linked together has been key.

This episode sees Ghost Rider and Coulson teaming up to ultimately defeat Aida, but we do as always have to see some casualty’s, which is only to be expected.

The Darkhold is key to defeating Aida as is Ghost Rider’s re emergence.

Elsewhere though Shield is once again enemies of the state as the US Government and Public learn that Mace was not an inhuman, which ends up being just something else added to the list of things that they are getting blamed for.

Also we finally get to see Yo Yo and Mack reunite, but its not the smoothest of rides for either of them. Mack is still wrapped up in the framework caring for his daughter hope. This is perhaps the most heartbreaking storyline within the episode. Henry Simmons played it beautifully and Natalia Cordova-Buckley was absolutely knocking it out of the park in her role of Yo Yo. Her determination to get Mack back was beautifully played and beautifully written. 

Mallory Jansen once again gets her evil on as Aida and her finale scenes are totally outstanding and how you’d imagine someone would behave had they just come into contact with their human emotions and were being overwhelmed by it. 

The final moments of the episode where all of team shield are having a meal together was a nice touch. Inevitably though. It was not going to last long, but our heroes appear to have been taken by someone other than the US authorities.

Here’s hoping that next season of the series works in a similar manner to how this season has worked out.

A fantastic season finale.

Agents Of Shield - World's End
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