In Review: Agents Of Shield – The Sign & New Life

Shield try and enlist Sarge's help in fighting against Izel, but can he be trusted?

Synopsis: Shield try and enlist Sarge’s help in fighting against Izel, but can he be trusted?

Review: In this two-hour finale Shield gets truly tested by Izel and the shrike, but it would seem that they also have another problem to contend with, which will need some input from an old friend from the Lighthouse days in the far future.

The Story

While Yo-Yo and Mach are still being held a captive audience by Izel. Daisy and May think they may have talked Sarge into helping them take her on and with some help from some new technology that has been thought up by Fitz, Simmons, and Deke they have come up with a means of preventing Izel from being able to possess them. But things only get more complex from here on out.

While all of this is going on. Enoch has learned that there are no more anthropologist left among the Chronicom and if that isn’t bad enough. The ones that remain, which are all hunters want to colonize the Earth.

Back on earth Shield continue the struggle to put a stop to Izel and her plans to bring the rest of her race through a portal, but find themselves in a more precarious position when Sarge shows his true colors by tossing May aside while he tries to take on Izel.

The Acting

Clark Gregg and Karolina Wydra are absolutely brilliant in this two-hour finale. The level of performance they put in for the battle between Sarge and Izel makes for a totally believable conflict.

It was also nice to see a return for Coy Stewart who sadly served as more of a plot device than having any meaningful role in the episode, but hopefully, he will be able to have stuck around for season 7 because I really like the father-son dynamic that he has with Mack.


These final two episodes fly by at rapid pace. We get treated to some brilliant fight choreography as we see May battle Izel on the other side of the portal and Mack battle Sarge here on Earth. I also thought the CGI effect used when Izel was manipulating the monoliths was really cool.

By the end of the episode. Shield have saved the Earth, but I get a strong impression that the Shield we’ll see in the 7th and final season. Will not be the Shield we have come to know and love over the last few years. We only have a hint of some of the changes that Enoch, Simmons, and Fitz have had to make in order to stave off the hunters. Have they meddled with time again? I guess we’ll find out next year.

Agents Of Shield - The Sign & New Life
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