In Review: Agents Of Shield – The Other Thing

Sarge has May; Altarah has Daisy, Enoch, and Simmons; and now, there are two planets that need saving.

Synopsis: Sarge has May; Altarah has Daisy, Enoch, and Simmons; and now, there are two planets that need saving.

Review: We begin to get to the bottom of why Sarge has come to Earth.

The Story

Sarge has captured Agent May and is looking to convert her in order to have her join his crew, but it would appear that Sarge has good reasons for coming to Earth, but maybe going about things in the wrong way with his policy of eradicating entire planets that become infected by the Shrike.

Out in deep, deep, deep space. Enoch is faced with a difficult choice and is given little option than to bow to Altarah’s wishes by giving her both Fitz and Simmons under the proviso that she allows Daisy and the others to return home.

Back at the Lighthouse Mack is doubting his place as the leader of Shield and tries to lend a sympathetic shoulder to Yo-Yo who had to kill her boyfriend in order to save the life of new scientist Dr. Benson.

The Acting

This is definitely an episode for Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen to show us what they can do. The two get to act out some really nice flashback scenes of Agent May and Coulson spending time together in Tahiti before Coulson died. These scenes are nicely juxtaposed against Sarge’s attempts to sway Agent May into joining him and acts as a perfect way in which to introduce a name for the threat that is the Shrike.


A fairly solid episode, which finally gets around to clueing us all in about what is actually happening with regards to Sarge. We also have a few scenes that suggest that the Chronicom planet was likely wiped out by the Shrike and Sarge’s intervention. Quite how this will all play out remains to be seen. But it suggests that S.H.I.E.L.D. and the future relationship between them and Sarge could prove to be somewhat complicated. That is assuming that they wind up working with him.

Overall. A fairly average episode.

Agents Of Shield - The Other Thing
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