In Review: Agents Of Shield – The Force Of Gravity

Talbot goes monster raving loony.

Synopsis: Daisy’s future as the destroyer of worlds takes on a critical change.

Review: This episode sees Talbot go monster raving loony as he goes all out in order to get to whatever extra gravitonium he can get, which also means from others that have been exposed to it. To this end, he mounts an attack on the lighthouse in order to get access to Carl Creel who has been held, prisoner.

Elsewhere back on the alien ship Qovas has Coulson and May as his prisoner and threatens to destroy the lighthouse should they make any attempts to escape and stop Talbot’s plans. Meanwhile, Daisy has been put into a sleep state by Taryan who plans to use her and her inhuman powers for his own ends. Little does anyone now that Deke is onboard the ship and is about to stage a daring break out as only he can.

Back at the Lighthouse Fitz and Simmons are working on various scientific simulation with the remains of Daisy’s mum and the serum that Daisy got them and they figure out a way to save Coulson, but we also learn that the same serum could also be a means to stop Glen Talbot who plans to extract the remaining gravitonium he needs from the earth’s crust, which would make him the destroyer of worlds.

With the Shield Agents all reunited and Coulson at death’s door. They are left with a devastating choice to make.

Overall. This was a brilliant episode. Peter Mensah once again shined as Qovas and even got a decent fight scene with Agent May. But it was Adrian Pasdar as Glen Talbot that totally stole the show. Talbot’s utter conviction that he is a superhero is utterly terrifying given the havoc he is reaping on Shield and anyone that gets in his way. There’s a really strong scene where Talbot visits his wife and son. And his reaction of confusion at his young son telling him that he is not a hero really stands out and although Shield is going to have to take the gloves off to bring Talbot down. We have to wonder if the momentary vulnerability that Talbot’s son tapped into could mean that Talbot still has time to redeem himself.

All we can know for sure at this point is that one of the shows biggest characters are likely to die in next weeks episode. The only question is will it be Talbot, Coulson or both?

Agents Of Shield - The Force Of Gravity
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