In Review: Agents Of Shield – The End

We all knew going into this season finale that things were going to change...

Synopsis: Coulson’s life or death is the challenge the team finds themselves in, as the wrong decision will cause the destruction of Earth.

Review: We all knew going into this season finale that things were going to change and people were going to die. We just didn’t know how or who aside from Coulson whose arc gets a nice poignant ending as he gets to spend his final days with Agent May somewhere in Tahiti. Hey, it is a magical place.

The story kicked off from where things left off. With the team arguing amongst themselves over the fate of Coulson and whether they should give him the amber fluid contained within the device or us it to defeat Talbot. The decision is made for them when Coulson pretends to take the stuff and then slips it to Daisy in one of the episodes most moving moments.

The expectation would have always been for Coulson to do the right thing despite any concerns with regards to his own life. After all, he’s a truly selfless leader as well as a hero and heroes will always hold the line and stand on that wall.

Aside from Coulson, who was always going to be written out regardless we also lose Fitz, which I felt a lot more upset by given that I wasn’t expecting it. For the whole series Fitz and Simmons have been the geeky double act that has always saved the day, but in a way, it kind of makes sense for one of them to be written out given that their arc was pretty much coming to an end anyway. They got married.  But what of their grandson Deke. Was he really wiped out of existence when Daisy kicked Talbot into outer space or will the writers find some way to keep him around in the final season?

Overall. This was a really solid and emotional season finale, but I’d have been just as happy for this to have been the series finale given the characters that have been killed off. Shield will be a lot different next year when it returns for its final curtain call and fans will no doubt miss Fitz and Coulson. Unless of course a miracle cure is found that saves Coulson’s life. There is after all. Always hope.

Agents Of Shield - The End
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