In Review: Agents of Shield (S7 – Ep7) – The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D

This is what you get when your cross Shield with Battlestar Galactica, Short Circuit, and The Breakfast Club.

Synopsis: After getting stranded in 1982, Mack retreats to his childhood home to deal with the death of his parents; Deke scouts a group of new agents.


The Story

Agents of Shield goes into full-on parody mode as it totally apes the 80s in perhaps the most fun episode of the season. Picking up from last week. Deke and Mack have found themselves trapped in 1982. But instead of working on a plan to reconnect with Shield Mack retreats into himself to mourn the loss of his parents. Months go by and after several attempts to coax Mack out of his slump. Deke is eventually successful and manages to get Mack to once again lead. But instead of leading a group of confident agents, Mack gets to lead The Deke Squad, which is Dekes band that also doubles as the new agents of shield. Their mission is to stop the Chronicoms who have managed to regroup thanks to their leader being able to somehow back herself up before the explosion that supposedly killed her. But worry not because Coulson also managed to back himself up, and thanks to Deke he now exists within an old cathode ray tube and bares a striking resemblance to Max Headroom only without the stutter.


The Acting

Jeff Ward gets to go into full-on comedy mode as he reminds us all of some of Deke Shaw’s most fun traits. Not only does Deke take ownership of various 80s songs that were used in ‘The Breakfast Club’ he even steals the most iconic styles of the 80s too. All that said though. Ward’s performance would not be as fun if he didn’t have a straight man to play off of, which is where Henry Simmons comes in as a grief-stricken and extremely agitated Mack who just wants to be left alone.

Kudos should also go to the excellent guest cast who made up the numbers in The Deke Squad, who really could fit into the 80s mode of misfit agents.



This episode is basically what you get when you cross Agents of Shield with Battlestar Galactica, Max Headroom, Short Circuit, and The Breakfast Club and lock them in on the highest spin cycle that your washer dryer has. It’s a loving parody of all things from the 80s. The acting performances are solid and the storyline is totally bonkers, which is exactly how it would have been had Agents of Shield had been done in the 80s.

Agents of Shield (S7 - Ep7) - The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D
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