In Review: Agents of Shield (S7 – E9) – As I Have Always Been

A time storm ravages the Zephyr

Synopsis: A time storm ravages the Zephyr.


The Story

When the Zephyr hits a time storm. The crew winds up living the same moments over and over again, with the exception of Daisy and Coulson who always seem to live through the time distortions when the rest of the crew seem to be continuously dying. This sees Daisy and Coulson continually having to relive their attempts to save the team, which is particularly stressful for Coulson who is questioning whether or not he is still a valid person or not given that his consciousness is basically housed in a machine.

When a solution is found. It seems to be far from ideal given that it means that one crew member will have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order for the others to live.


The Acting

The best performances in this episode come from Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet as Coulson and Daisy who have the most to do in terms of trying to solve the problem. The conversation that Coulson has with Daisy when he is doubting his own humanity is amazing and a key moment for the episode given that Daisy gets to vent about her feelings when it comes to having seen Coulson die a few too many times.

We also get a great performance from both Elizabeth Henstridge and Joel Stoffer as Simmons and Enoch who are key to helping Coulson and Daisy solve the problem. Enochs final moments are particularly heartbreaking given that he has become such a huge part of the team.



This was an episode that was a lot more about the characters than it was for advancing the story. It allowed for Daisy and Coulson to vent some of their issues and provided a noble and heroic way for Enoch to bow out of the series in a logical sense of his sacrifice saving his friends.

I enjoyed the scene between Souza and Daisy where Souza pretty much tells Daisy that he has known a few people like her. As in people that will always put themselves in harm’s way in order to save others and do so without a second thought.

Overall. A pretty solid episode.

Agents of Shield (S7 - E9) - As I Have Always Been
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