In Review: Agents Of Shield – Past Life

The team has one final chance to return to their own timeline, but could their actions result in deadly consequences?

Synopsis: The team has one final chance to return to their own timeline, but could their actions result in deadly consequences?

Review: The Agents of Shield have a series of final battles to fight before the combination of Flint’s Inhuman ability and Enochs battery can save them.

Kassius and his remaining Kree soldiers remain determined to kill the Shield agents and Kassius has a seerer of his own who has an amazing resemblance to Yo-Yo And as Yo-Yo learns. This seerer predicts a dark future for the agents once they return to their own earth. Despite this warning, the team continues their efforts to return home, but Daisy is reluctant to go with them.

We also get to see Deke have a shot at redemption with one final act in which he teams with Enoch to provide an escape route for Shield.

This episode is full of plot twists as more and more goes wrong, but despite the setbacks, the team continues forward and for my money. It is Flint that proves to have some of the most character building moments throughout this episode, which makes it that much more sadder to be saying goodbye to him, which is assuming that every team member of shield made it back home. We do not know that for sure yet.

Once more there are some great fight sequences in this. The final one being when Kasius takes some drug that removes all his inhibitions, which allows him to drop the mother of all beatings on Mack. Thankfully Simmons is on hand to create enough of a distraction to alter the outcome.

The final moment sees Flint and Tess flying away from the lighthouse with a view to maybe rebuilding the splintered earth.

Overall. A solid episode to close on for the two-week break. It provides an exciting cliffhanger with several questions to ponder. You find yourself wondering if everyone got back to 21st-century earth okay as well as wondering about the eventual fate of Coulson.

Agents Of Shield - Past Life
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