In Review: Agents Of Shield – Option Two

The team finds themselves trapped and under siege at the Lighthouse.

Synopsis: The team finds themselves trapped and under siege at the Lighthouse.

Review: Picking up from where last week left off. The team is kind of at odds with each other over Yo-Yo’s decision to kill Ruby. And with General Hale in the wind. They still have to find a way to get rid of the gravitonium without it falling into the hands of either Hydra or a group of marauding aliens.

Coulson manages to assert some control and get the team more or less working together despite their differences and he sends Daisy on a mission, which unbeknown to him has a secret side mission attached, which Daisy has been given by Agent May.

With Daisy away. The team begins to make preparations for the bigger mission, but a spanner gets thrown in the works when a huge Alien spacecraft hovers into view above the Lighthouse. Realising the gravity of the situation. Coulson opens up emergency procedures on the computer and mistakenly pushes option two before the computer has rattled off all the options. Apparently, Option Three was the one that he needed to push. Option Two is for a nuclear attack and locks them in for 15 years. However, it doesn’t lock the Alien invaders out.

What ensues is an episode full of tension as the Shield agents have to pull together to either finish the aliens off or at the very least hold them off until help arrives.

General Talbot gets a bit role to play in this episode as he attempts to redeem himself for having sold Shield out, which is something he did while under the influence of Hydra’s mind control. And we see how far Talbot is willing to go in order to do this when he doses himself with all the Gravitonium.

Overall. This was a great episode, which has set things up for what will likely be a fun finale. The question on our minds now is whether or not Talbot will be able to function normally while under the influence of the Gravitonium and if not. What will Coulson and his people have to do to resolve the situation?

Agents Of Shield - Option Two
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