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Coulson is forced to team up with unlikely allies to save the world, while his team tries to track him down and rescue him.

Synopsis: Coulson is forced to team up with unlikely allies to save the world, while his team tries to track him down and rescue him.

Review: The agents of Shield have a difference of opinion on how they should go about rescuing Coulson. Daisy, who is now officially in charge of the team believes that the best chance of rescuing Coulson is to enlist the abilities of the young girl Robin who is able to predict the future with her drawings. While Simmons believes that they have a better chance of saving Coulson by releasing Fitz from confinement and enlisting Yo-Yo, which pretty much means that poor old Mack winds up replacing Fitz in the confinement cell. What is worrying is the fact that Simmons and Yo-Yo believe themselves to be indestructible due to the fact that they both survived to live an existence of sorts in the Lighthouse.

Meanwhile, at the Hydra base, Coulson enlists the help of Kreel and Talbot to escape incarceration, which leads to an exciting sequence in which Ruby gives chase and very nearly catches them. It also allows Ruby to boldly announce herself as the world killer. A position that she can only fill given that she is the only inhuman left on the base.

The high point of this episode was the dramatic sequence where Simmons proceeds to drink three glasses of water. One of which we are led to believe is poisonous. At least until a fourth glass is revealed at the close of the sequence. The move pretty much fakes Mack out and allows Simmon’s, Fitz and Yo-Yo go after Coulson, which essentially sees they defying Daisy’s orders.

Overall. This was a pretty solid episode, which is kind of tip-toeing the season arc towards what I am sure will be a thrilling conclusion. The closing scene flashes back to a scene where Ruth Negga’s character exposes some suit to the gravitonium. I wonder if Negga’s character will be making a return to the series before the season five finale.

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