In Review: Agents Of Shield – Identity and Change

Daisy and Simmons are struggling to find an escape from the framework and the identity of the inhuman resistance leader is revealed.

Synopsis: Daisy and Simmons are struggling to find an escape from the framework and the identity of the inhuman resistance leader is revealed.

Review: This episode sees Daisy and Simmons continue to interact with the various alternate versions of team Shield and Hydra in the Framework. We also learn that School teacher Coulson has started to get glimpses of his real life and has started making his own soap, which was a fun angle.

Clark Gregg is brilliant with the comedy that he brings to this Framework version of Coulson. I really enjoyed the fact that this Coulson saw the Blue Soap provided by Hydra as a form of poisonous population control. It matches up with most conspiracy theories with regard to processed foods, tap water and the like. Who knows there could be a little truth in those.

It was also nice to see the frameworks version of Mack brought into the story. Mack is how I would imagine he’d have been had he not joined shield. A decent bloke who loves his young daughter Hope who in the real world died. I also have to give props to the young actress portraying Hope. She nailed everyone of her scenes and gave a performance far in advance of her years.

What continues to be so disturbing about this story arc is how evil genius Fitz is. The absolute wow moment being when he shoots Holden Radcliffe’s girlfriend without batting an eyelid. It was utterly, utterly ruthless and came from the one character that you’d not expect it from.

Ming-Na Wen continues to be as stone faces as ever as Agent May and makes ruthlessness seem effortless as she manipulates Mac into selling Daisy out.

The stand off near the end with Holden, Aida and Fitz and Simmon’s response to Fitz’s ruthless actions was a dramatic high for this season.

We are left breathless and with Daisy’s life hanging in the balance as Fitz makes ready to feed his Frankenstein like scientific ego. Lord knows what will happen next.

Agents Of Shield - Identity and Change
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