In Review: Agents of Shield – From The Ashes

Out of answers and running out of time, the agents must face the ghosts of their past in order to move forward.

Synopsis: Out of answers and running out of time, the agents must face the ghosts of their past in order to move forward.

Review: This episode sets things up rather nicely for what could well be an interesting final two episodes.

The Story

Having managed to get Izel off of the base. Mack and Yo-Yo do all they can to slow her down in order to buy some time for the rest of the team to figure out a way to stop her.

Back on the base, May and Daisy bump heads over the best way to find out what dwells inside of Sarge and how it might help them defeat Izel. May feels that Sarge remembers everything about Coulson and the life that they led whereas Daisy thinks that a harsher approach is needed. Daisy gets a dose of truth from Simmons who tells her that she always tends to run away from things and choose not to face them. She ran when she got her powers and she also chose to run and spend time searching for Fitz when Coulson died. This provides Daisy with the reality check that she needs and helps her set about doing what must be done.

Elsewhere, Yo-Yo has accidentally let slip that Dr. Benson can help them without realizing that Izel is currently possessing Mack. She then proceeds to find Benson and torture him until he reveals the location of the monolith site she needs to summon the rest of her race from.

Back at Shield. Fitz, Simmons, and Deke have figured out that Izel is possessing people using resonate frequencies and are working on a way to block her from being able to do so. Meanwhile, Daisy has made a breakthrough with Sarge and managed to get all of Coulson’s memories to surface and she is hopeful that Sarge and the entity within that hold these memories will help them defeat Izel.

The Acting

We get some really strong performances this week from Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, and Elizabeth Henstridge. The scene where Daisy bumps heads with May is brilliantly performed. You get the real sense that May feels a little betrayed by Daisy and her refusal to try and see the good in Sarge. The scene that follows where Simmons sort of guilts Daisy into facing her loss of Coulson was not only brilliantly acted, but also served as an essential plot device by motivating Daisy to do what she does.


A really solid episode with some great acting performances from all the cast. Izel is proving to be a memorable enemy for the Shield team, but has she met her match? I really enjoyed the quip that Yo-Yo makes to Izel about how villains always get taken down after they have explained their plans. It’s a classic cliche, but it is one that works every time.

The scene where Daisy breaks through to whatever it is that is inside Sarge is brilliantly done.

Overall. Some brilliant set up work for what will hopefully be a thrilling final two weeks.

Agents of Shield - From The Ashes
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