In Review: Agents of Shield – Collision Course, Part Two

With little time for catching up. The team sets about saving the world from Izel and her Shrike. 

Synopsis: With little time for catching up. The team sets about saving the world from Izel and her Shrike.

Review: A tension-filled episode, which sow’s the seeds for future events.

The Story

Continuing the story from last week. Sarge has left Agent May, Daisy, and the others on the truck and beamed himself onto Shields command ship in order to stage a hostile takeover. Meanwhile, the Lazy Comet is getting closer to landing on the shrike built landing pad, which Izel has had created.

Back on the truck. Deke struggles to disarm the nuclear bomb, which Sarge has set up to detonate when the truck crashes into the Shrike Landing Tower. This forces Daisy to use her powers to shield the bomb from any form of sudden impact. Thus preventing it from exploding. This does not protect the truck from other damage though as we soon learn that the shrike is able to attack the truck because the device that was preventing them from being able to detect it has been destroyed.

Back on the Shield Command ship. Sarge with help from Pax and Jaco has taken the bridge and is holding Mack and his bridge crew hostage. They have even planned a contingency to prevent Yo-Yo from saving her friends, but Sarge has underestimated how smart Yo-Yo actually is.

With her landing tower destroyed Izel is fuming and barely contains herself from having Fitz and Simmons killed. She allows Fitz and Simmons to make contact with Shield, which in turn allows for a dramatic war of words between Sarge and Izel. Sarge is like Captain Ahab from Moby Dick in that he will stop at nothing to kill Izel. It is his lack of care for his allies, which is ultimately his undoing.

The Acting

Karolina Wydra steals it this week by giving us a fantastic scene, which sees her character of Izel really push Sarge’s buttons, which inadvertently helps Mack by giving him enough time to break free from his restraints. The interplay between Wydra and Clark Gregg’s Sarge character smolders with intensity.


This episode seems to wrap up the storyline concerning Sarge, Izel, and the Shrike, but it seems a little too neat and tidy. I mean sure. Jaco makes the ultimate sacrifice by acting as a suicide bomber to take out Izel and the Lazy Comet, but you get the strongest sense that Izel has planned ahead. And given how strangely Agent Davis is behaving by the episodes close. You can’t help but feel that somehow Izel has gotten to him.

We also get a really well-choreographed close-quarters fight between Sarge and Mack.

Overall. A really good episode, with a few twists and turns, which is to be expected as the story draws to a close. But we still have a few unanswered questions. One of which comes from the conversation we saw between Sarge and Izel. In that scene, Izel claims she knows who sarge really is, which is something that I think the audience would also like to know.

Agents of Shield - Collision Course, Part Two
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