In Review: Agents of Shield – Code Yellow

Yo-Yo and Keller take things public; parasitic aliens threaten the human race; and someone really needs boba.

Synopsis: Yo-Yo and Keller take things public; parasitic aliens threaten the human race, and someone really needs boba.

Review:  This was a fun episode, but we are still no further along to knowing what Sarge and his crew are after.

The Story

This episode begins with Fitz and Simmons’s son Deke running his simulation about him and Daisy. The simulation comes to an end and he awakes to chat with his girlfriend Sequoia who is a social influencer and is going after Boba. Apparently, since we last saw him. Deke has opened up his own Technology company. Things get a bit dicey for Deke when Sarge and his crew take over his building and hold him captive. Which means a rescue by Shield is fairly inevitable.

Back at Shield Yo-Y0 has taken her relationship public but before she can enjoy the relationship out in the open. He new boyfriend becomes infected by a nasty parasite of alien origin.

The Acting

Maurissa Tancharoen who is better known for writing and producer and is one of the executive producers on the show puts in a fun performance as Sequoia. Though I still have no clue what a Boba is. Hopefully, that will eventually become clear.

It was nice to see Jeff Ward return as Deke Shaw.


This was a fun episode with lots of running around and loads of action and comedy elements.

I loved the scenes early on where Deke meets Sarge and thinks that he is Coulson. The scenes with Sequoia are an absolute hoot. I love it when TV series take the mickey out of social influencers from the youtube generation.

Once again. We find ourselves feeling rather sorry for Yo-Yo who just does not seem to get a fair break. Last year she lost her hands and wound up ending her relationship with Mack. Now it looks like her new boyfriend could well be a short-lived affair.

Overall. A fun episode, but we still have little or no clue in regards to what Sarge is up to and what he wants with Earth. And what exactly is this new parasite that has taken Yo-Yo’s, new love?

Agents of Shield - Code Yellow
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