In Review: Agents Of Shield – All Roads Lead…

The team must find a way to stop Ruby before the prophesied chain reaction that can destroy the earth is put into motion.

Synopsis: The team must find a way to stop Ruby before the prophesied chain reaction that can destroy the earth is put into motion.

Review: Picking the story up from last week. Daisy, May have rescued Coulson while Simmons and Fitz have wound up being taken prisoner by Ruby and are being forced to repair the gravitonium machine, elsewhere Yo-Yo is struggling with the realization that her artificial arms are not equipped for the high speeds at which she travels when using her power.

Much of this episode is focused on finding and stopping Ruby, and right from the start, you can tell that it isn’t going to end well.  Dove Cameron puts in a fantastic performance as Ruby as she becomes more and more obsessed with having the gravitonium pumped into her despite the issues that she is already aware of with regards to what happened to Kreel. She is helped by Werner Von Strucker. Inevitably Fitz and Simmons are doing all they can to delay matters until help arrives, but Ruby is all too aware of their modus operandi. 

Daisy is very much taking charge in this episode as she and Agent May attempt to rescue Fitz and Simmons and stop Ruby. There is a problem. This is, in essence, a suicide mission for Daisy because she cannot use her powers while around the gravitonium.

Coulson, Mack, and Deke are left to quarterback the mission for Daisy from the base. But it turns out that them being on the base can only be a good thing. If only to put a stop to General Talbot who is still under the influence of Hydra.

Overall. This episode works hard to start to tie the storyline up. We have another appearance from Ruby who is drawing more feverishly as events unfold. And we also get another great performance from Catherine Dent as General Hale. By the close of this episode, your left wondering just how things are going to pan out. And a major piece is removed from the board, which means that the Aliens that Hydra has been dealing with could well be coming into play soon. The only question being is what do they need the gravitonium for and what is their beef exactly?

The FX in this episode was of the usual high standard and were not overly used. As always the show’s writers have been economical with their use of FX and only used them to punctuate certain story points. Which means they are likely saving the big spectacle for the finale. Will we see the Shield Agents once again go into space?

Agents Of Shield - All Roads Lead...
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